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China's Sporting Goods Brand Equity Value Of Financial Assessment Methods To Explore

Posted on:2008-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2199360215974753Subject:Humanities and sociology
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The origination of brand value, brand valuation and brand management have developed into a cross-disciplinary field related with economics, marketing, accounting and management, etc.By now, there are many kinds of methods of brand evaluations, but there is still not a coherent or a standard evaluation method. The method of the brand evaluation is a difficult issue in the brand study field both in the theory and in its operation. The evaluation on sporting goods brand is an important component of sporting intangible asset evaluation. The evaluation on sporting goods brand have been valued more and more by the managers. Just as the brand asset is intangible, its measurement is much more difficult than tangible assets, and even we could say it's very hard to be measured accurately. This paper analyzed the Interbrand evaluation method, current international significant evaluation method from the meaning and evaluation of brand asset value of sporting goods and put forwarded the financial evaluation method suiting to China condition.The financial evaluation method was derived from improved and innovated method of Interbrand evaluation, and introduced a financial index about excessive profit of sporting goods brand. Based on characteristic and situation of China sporting goods industry, the brand strength of China sporting goods selected several critical factors from the aspects of brand market, brand customer and brand enterprises to evaluate brand. The brand asset value of China sporting goods can reflect real value through derived evaluation method. This is surely of great significance to both the brand manager and brand investor.The paper also innovates a new financial brand valuation method, new method According to the data disclosure level of Chinese enterprises.The evaluated result of brands illustrate the theoretical and practical significance of the new method. In a word, to evaluate the value of brand assets is just to service for managing the brand, enhancing the brand asset value and brand transaction. The argument to brand evaluation method of sporting goods has promoted the development of the sporting brand evaluation effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:brand, The brand asset value of sporting goods, Interbrand evaluation method, financial evaluation method
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