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Foreign Trade And The Impact Of Upgrading The Industrial Structure

Posted on:2009-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199360242493376Subject:Industrial Economics
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This article does fundamental research and empirical analysis on the effects of the foreign trade and industrial structure to comprehend the result of foreign trade effect the economic, the importance of foreign trade and understand the in-depth relation between foreign trade and the economical development. Then accelerate the up-grade of the industrial structure in Jiangsu province.Up-grade of the industrial structure and international trade are two hot issues in economic field. Domestic and foreign scholars had made a lot of theoretical analysis and empirical research on these two issues. However, the studies of the relationship between the two are infrequence. The theoretical system is not yet perfect. This article attempts to review and sum up the changes in industrial structure by the development of foreign trade in Jiangsu Province, and do the research in specific development compared with the relevant analysis, Thus estimates and forecasts for the development of foreign trade and optimize the industrial structure.The structure of this article is as follows: this article is divided into five chapters. Introduction of the main topics include the how to select the theme, the content of the research, research on the assumptions and reviews the relevant domestic and international studies, and analysis the theoretical foundation relationships between up-grade of the industrial structure and foreign trade.The second chapter on the theoretical basis of the development of the industrial structure, aggregate the rule of industry development and the theory of evolution and the development strategy, thus proposed the mechanism on how to develop up-grade the industrial structure and foreign trade. By the way of capital accumulation and accelerate technological progress to promote the development of foreign trade and the optimization and upgrade the industrial structure.The third chapters concrete summarize and analysis the Jiangsu's foreign trade and industrial structure, then summed up the characteristics of the rule, and comparative analysis and grasped in Jiangsu's foreign trade and industrial structure as a whole.The forth chapter taking Jiangsu province as the object of study, using econometric analysis methods such as correlation analysis and Granger Causality Tests, the paper gives an empirical analysis on the effects of the foreign trade to industrial structure. And the conclusions as follows: in Jiangsu province foreign trade has obviously promoting action to the up-grade of industrial structure.Last chapter, it gives some suggestions to develop the foreign trade and promote the industry structure for Jiangsu province.The conclusion of this article is: import and export have a certain role in accelerate the up-grade of industrial structure through the gross and structure of import and export of goods.
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