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Empirical Study Of China's Economic Growth Efficiency And Its Influencing Factors

Posted on:2011-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199360305959601Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Research on China's economic growth has been a favorably discussed topic in the academic circles. However, in this respect, the previous researches suggest that researchers only concentrate on the amount of economic growth. Concerning the inadequacy of the study, the dissertation's empirical research is mainly based on the technological efficiency of China's economic growth and its influence from 1978 to 2007. It has been found that the problems that exist in china's economy are as follows. Firstly, the overall economic growth level of China's technical efficiency has been in a relatively low standard, that is to say, it is in a state of technical non-efficiency. Secondly, as China's rapid economic growth is mainly driven by financial capital, which is detrimental to the sustainable development of Chinese economy, it is urgent to transform the method of economic growth and meanwhile advance the contributions made by technical efficiency. Thirdly, the technical efficiency of China's economic growth has been formed regional differences, but they tend to be shrinking. It must be admitted that the degree of economic openness can promote the technical efficiency, however, to a slightly extent. Moreover, the influence made by the dependence of the foreign investment is little bit higher than that of foreign trade dependence. Fifthly, the technical efficiency of China's economic growth has been improved by the deposits of financial institutions while loans have had an inhibitive effect on it. Generally speaking, financial development has played an important role in promoting the technical efficiency. Sixthly, in the structure of human capital, only those who are highly educated can promote the technical efficiency of China's economic growth significantly and as a whole, the average stock of human capital has a significant positive correlation with the technology efficiency.Finally, some measures can be proposed to improve the technical efficiency of China's economic growth. First, it is essential to expand the scale of foreign investment and most importantly, to improve the quality of foreign investment. Second, it is crucial to upgrade the trade environment and gradually adjust the trade structure and trade growth. Third, it is necessary to push forward the financial reform continually, especially the structure of loans investment so as to enhance the promoting effect to the technical efficiency. Fourth it is fundamentally important to further develop the investment in human capital and special attention should be paid to the investment in higher education. On the whole, the mode of economic growth should be transformed so as to achieve the growth which rest upon the technological progress and technological efficiency rather than driven by capital. Only in those ways can China acquire obvious promotion of its economic growth and eventually realize the rapid and sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic Growth, Technical Efficiency, Economic Openness, Financial Development, Human Capital
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