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"people-oriented" Concept Of Development Of Philosophical Thinking,

Posted on:2006-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2205360155966398Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The development view of "people first", annotate on the basis of the science to " people ". What are people? How is people's essence? The theory of the person in the past of Marx was abstract with thinking of distinguishing essentially, for example Hegel has realized the essence of working, has interpreted the target, real person as the result of working by oneself, remain what but he speak work there aren't abstract spirit, equal to self- consciousness people and his essence with; Feuerbach replace people's self- consciousness with people of perception, thus adhered to the materialism position, but his so-called person has been deprived the passive person who creates life , subject dynamic role . Marx is not satisfied with this kind of abstract assurance to people, puts forth effort to look for real " people ". Marx does not think people are an abstract existence thing, but the existence thing of the society; he is in certain social relationships, realistic individual engaged in the social work activity at first. People's essence is determined by social relationships that people's practice activity forms after all. People's practice activity is developing, thus people's essence is being produced constantly.People that the development view of" people first" refer to mean in the primary stage of socialism accounting for population most the people, the subject is all socialist builders. It regards " people "of this existence" as specific historical intension. People and natural relation and relation of people and the society form the linking degree basically of the mankind practice. With the expansion and promotion of the activity, people are changing in the nature and status in the society. It can only be linked degree and can be signified through people and natural relation and relation of people and the society that people first.Link on degree in people and natural relation, it is set up on the basis of people and natural inherent positive connection that people first, it does not have superiority of surmounting natural law; People's subject status in the nature has determined people are the center in order to surround naturally, people's value is high value the most, the understanding of people and natural relation and assurance must serve the development goal that people first. However, caused the overall tense situations of people andnatural relation at the human certain stage for historical development, jeopardize human existence and development directly. The development view that people first is for the purpose of meeting people's existence and development's needs, under the prerequisite of knowing and following natural law, through developing, utilizing natural resources sustainable, maintain benign cycle of the ecosystem and dynamic equilibrium, overcome and regard simple economic growth as the traditional development model that high value tends to the most, overcome the tense situations of people and natural relation and hostile nature finally.Link on degree in the relation between people and the society, people first must regard knowing and respecting the historical law as the foundation, announcing the dialectical relation between people and the society, this holds and implements the prerequisite of developing the view that " people first "; Meanwhile, need to entrust people's value to the way, goal and prospect of the social development, in order to keep social economy, politics, culture organic to coordinate, it is avoided to conceal development of people , die wrong-doing of development of people even to replace with economic development to prevent from. In this way, could form the development path of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, the justice that there should be in the question of development view that people first too.People's development in an all-round way is basic goal of developing the view that" people first "s. Because people's development in an all-round way is a course of concrete history, investigate the development view that" people first", must fully see its historical nature. It means the maturity of bringing up and historical condition that the realization of people's development in an all-round way has already depended on historical foundation, shown as the real evolution of social history in progress again. It is the unifying organically of goal and course.
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