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Virtual Reality Technology Applied Research In Environmental Art And Design

Posted on:2007-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y TanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360185953781Subject:Art of Design
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Virtual reality(VR) is a new technology which related to muti-subjects in the end of 20 century. It can be applied to many fields including long-distance control, commerce, education, entertainment, visualize scape simulation, training, military affairs, art, architecture, network and so on. It can be concluded 3 essential aspects: Immersion, Interaction and Imagination.The text mainly discuss the application and research in nationality art design of environment with an example: "The Virtual Simulation System of Baizu Public Building" . After the following steps(calculating distance, creating models, optimizing models, driving scene, the 2rd software system developing ), the system can be built.During the modeling , it can not equal to the standard of VR model due to the limitation of 3DMAX, though it has a perfect effect. Modeling with the simulation software "Creator" , it can attain to the standard VR model, but can not compare with the function of 3DMAX(lighting, material). So the final completing effect of Creator is much inferior to 3DMAX's. It takes a long time experiment on this problem which can be solved by the following method: Creating models using 3DMAX, transforming the file format using PolyTrans, optimizing and modifying models with Creator. So we can use the 3D models created with 3DMAX which have a good effect.The sets of driving scene is an important solution for saving the cycle of developing software which is differ from traditional developing method of VR using a mass of codes controlling. The basic functions of VR, for example, lighting> the motion effect, navigation map and so on, can be set in Lynx Prime of Vega Prime without complex codes programming. The 2rd software developing are based on the step of driving scene. The main task is to develop some advanced functions (calculating distance, database seeking, capturing pictures) withthe application interface between the Vega Prime and Visual C++.We can touch the virtual environment personally on the scene when completing the system. We can also analyze every respect in art design of environment of Baizu Public Buildings, harmonize people working and communication who in various research fields, improve work efficency, which is propitious to absorbing and applying the culture of Baizu. It can adapt to application in projects with the advanced function added. The function of the system is not perfect which needs more study to complete. The achievement of the software system can be applied to the institute of design, the department of architecture, the real estate corporation and some other institutions. It is a good reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Reality, The Public Buildings of Baizu, The Art Design of Environment, Vega Prime
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