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Literary Education

Posted on:2008-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T T SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360212998899Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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The history of 20th century was a history filled with blood and fire, suffering and resistance. In order to thoroughly change Chinese culture's feeble status in the convection with the western culture, Chinese people explored and struggled a lot in spite of difficulties. Saving our nation from extinction and enlightenment were always two important fulcra of the history. Because of having two qualities of practicability and theoretical feature, no matter it was at the ages of saving our nation or enlightenment, education always attracted people's attention and admired it as the main way to achieve the historical goal. From some aspects we could say that saving our nation through education was a dream that Chinese people had have for a hundred years. Just because of this, in the history of modern literature, educational fiction appeared again, not only could we penetrate into Chinese history of education, in these one hundred years, but the Chinese spiritual history as well.Although early at 20th century, Chinese modern educational fiction had began to appear, the researching works come late. Among all the Chinese scientific papers in these 20 yeas, those about educational fiction reached the number of 20; but others about modern educational fiction even did not get at 10, actually among which most were just studying on the writers and text cases. Yet, Chinese modern educational fiction and Chinese modern education have the same historical background. That is the communication and collision between China and the West occurring from the modern times (especially after 54movements) and the transformation of China and Chinese culture in the process of communication and collision. No matter the Chinese modern educational fiction or Chinese modern education, they both are the products of this transformation. Because of this original relation between literature and education, they together undertake the historic responsibilities of Chinese culture's transforming from tradition to modern-ess, and also had great historic influences on each other, thus literature is connected with education. Just as Ye Shangtao put it "Literature is education" .I'm going to give my humble views on Chinese modern educational fiction based on this literary background. From the uniting angle of literature and education: Firstly, I'm going to define the basic connotation of Chinese modern educational fiction; Secondly, I'm going to summarize the distinctive features of modern educational fiction and three main reasons of forming the features;Thirdly, I'm going to summarize three main topics (critique——finding the newway——regeneration); Fourthly, I'm going to elaborate the modern educationalthinking that shows commonly in modern educational fictions; Fifthly, based on reading and analyzing the thinking of "saving our nation through education", absorb and evaluate it objectively and fairly; Sixth, though understanding of the connotation and artistry of modern educational fiction, I'm going to excavate and expound three main esthetic features of it; Finally, I'm going to fully affirm the historical value of modern educational fiction, at the same time to talk about a few revelations to modern education gained from modern educational fiction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese modern educational fiction, saving our nation through education, literature, enlightenment, Saving our nation from extinction
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