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Feeling And Thinking In On The Vocal

Posted on:2009-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The feeling and the thought are the physiological functions which everybody all have, in the daily study and the life, The feeling and the thought is ubiquitous, all is occurring as necessary, they belong to the category which the psychology (cognition psychology) studies, is in the human cognition process two important stages.This paper is based on psychological theory, the union music performance theory, sings the characteristic which the theory as well as sang to practice to the vocal music to sing the feeling and the thought has conducted the thorough research.The in which first chapter elaborated the feeling psychology significance and in the singer function; Second chapter has analyzed the thought characteristic and the process, has discussed the thought the vital role which sings in the vocal music; Third chapter summarizes the singer to sing in the vocal music should follow from feels to the thought cognition law of development.This paper tries hardly to the feeling and the thought research about the sing, holp people in the thought and the psychology to felt sings with the thought in the vocal music with the teaching in the importance has the profound understanding and the understanding, simultaneously,hoped can for be engaged in this research who the vocal music sings to provide the help.
Keywords/Search Tags:sing, Feeling, Thought, Psychology, Music psychology
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