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The Main Development Of Vocal Music Teaching And Practice-oriented Research

Posted on:2009-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2205360242986106Subject:Vocal music education
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Vocal teaching that means the subject students participate in includes the key tactics of the modern course, and that lead the students involve themselves in the teaching is the premise to approach it, which reflects the trend that the teach and the students work creativity and arouse the sympathy in the classroom instruction.It is important that bring the thinking freedom of the students into full play, which eliminates the honor of the students that face the traditional vocal teaching and new knowledge.By practicing effectively, it will help the students to improve the influence of who always were nervous in teaching and etc.The principle to develop the student's subjective initiative is how to practise and how to build the platform which benefit the students to take part in the Vocal teaching.The thesis is talk about the subjective teaching which how to participate indeed on the particularity of vocal teaching and the importance of the teaching practice. And it also involves how to build the teaching practice platform to create value and meaning by the cooperation of the students subjectivity.It has five parts. It includes the basis intension of the development of the vocal subjectivity and the trend of the teaching practice.; the practice value about the trend of the teaching practice and the subject student participate; the difference of the vocal teaching between China and Italy; the enlightenment of the teaching that the subject students participate; the thought about to build teaching practice and the subject students participate. The thesis mainly talks about the relation between the subject students participate and the trend of the teaching practice from teaching idea and the joint exist side by side and the effect of the teaching. It also think that the theory of subject students participate in the teaching benefits to find harmonious between teacher and the students in the classroom.;It probes the effect and the efficiency into the factors restrict by the value of teaching and development on the subject students participate. It includes some author's thought and the analysis of the courses and examples and the investigation in Italy. By comparing the difference of vocal teaching and the practice teaching between China and Italy, it will build the development and exploration of the platform on the trend of the vocal practice teaching in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocal teaching, the subject students participate, teaching of practice
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