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Contemporary Chinese Criminal Legal Interpretation Of Research

Posted on:2012-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Legal interpretation is the basis and premise of legal application. The criminal litigation law interpretation should be able to ensure the proper implementation of the criminal procedure law and should not harm the unity and dignity of it. Based on this, the paper aims to study the legal interpretation problems of criminal procedure law in contemporary China from the perspective of jurisprudence and with the theory of legal interpretation as its basis. First of all, this paper gives an overview of the criminal procedure law interpretation problems in our country and introduced briefly the history of our country's criminal procedure law interpretation. All the authoritative interpretations made on the criminal procedure law from the day when China was founded up to the present are summarized and sorted in chronological order, with appropriate evaluation and commentary. Secondly, this paper presents several problems existing in our country's current criminal procedure law interpretation, pointing out that these problems have an immediate impact on the authority and unity of our country's criminal procedure law. Therefore, it is essential to reform and improve the current situation. In the third part of this paper, analysis is made on the causes of these problems. Finally, through the above analysis and study of the causes, several explorative countermeasures are suggested. The author expects that this paper could not only make a discussion on the existing problems in the legal interpretation of our country's criminal procedure law, but also through the analysis of the problems of our country's law interpretation system itself, it could evoke a further thinking among scholars, and encourage them to do their share for our country's Socialist Legal Construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal procedure law, Legal interpretation, Interpretation problems, Countermeasures for interpretation problems
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