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The Democratic Rights Of Party Members To Achieve Research

Posted on:2012-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330335980464Subject:Marxism in China
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Communist Party of China about past 90 years surging forward with great momentumly struggle process enunciates:"The democracy inside the party is the life of party".At the same time,"Actively promoting inner-party democratic construction, put forth effort the solidarity and unity in party"is the important mission of Communist Party of China in the new century and new step; It is the only road for Communist Party of China to always maintain the vigor and vitality of the Party and the basic demand to enhance the construction of the Party's advanced nature and the reign ability . Many experts, scholars and theory workers have discussed deeply about the problems of inner-party democratic construction and many pilots are under way to make practice quest, these theory fruit and fulfillment quest have contributed preciously the valuable insight s into the further development of inner-party democratic construction.However, They are the very far from the expectation of the Chinese people for these theories and practices. Seeing through the complicated appearance of inner-party democratic construction, people lack the necessary understanding for such a fact that the importance of the role of inner-party democratic construction. Just think, who will put forward inner-party democratic construction and strengthen the solidarity and unity if the most of party members don't joint it energetically. So we must admit such a fact that inner-party democratic construction will be pipe dream if the democratic rights of the Party members don't come true.Based on the above facts, I will study the paper from six aspects. I will make the historic investigation for the democratic rights of the Party members in charpter 1.I will expound the central manifestation of subject status of the Party members in charpter 2. It is the key for the full realization of the democratic rights of the Party members for inner-party democratic construction in charpter 3.This charper will continue the discourse about the importance of the main position of the Party members,then,I will further prove that the full realization of the democratic rights of the Party members is the key of inner-party democratic construction,what's more,it must depend on the support of the democratic rights of the Party members,this charpter is the most important one in the paper.And I will analysis the primary problems and reasons between the full realization of the democratic rights of the Party members and inner-party democratic construction in the charpter4 and 5.Finally, I will give some constructively unlocking thoughts in the last charpter.
Keywords/Search Tags:the democratic rights of the Party members, come true, inner-party democratic construction
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