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The Era Of Financial Crisis Financial Regulation On The Mode Change And Improve The Financial Supervision And Regulations

Posted on:2012-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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During the recent years, the direction of global finance field was shaped due to the financial creation and global development of finance field especially base on the which was approved by The United States on 1999.The door of finance field was fully opened from 2006 according the commitments of WTO after The People's Republic of China joined on Dec.2001. But, according to our current regulatory system and regulatory law, can't be matched with the current financial market changes and also doesn't appear on the financial market as many new effective supervision of financial activities yet, so as to a regulatory vacuum and regulatory arbitrage.From the paper, firstly, the diversity analysis of Regulation of Financial Institutions is involved, and expatiates on the signification and models of it. Base on that, Respective phases for review the supervisory law & history of The United States, United Kingdom, Germany. With the different financial periods, the supervisory model & law of those countries are always in the amendment situation, and has completed a financial mixed form of the new supervision model.The paper describes the government solutions of The United States, United Kingdom, Germany since global economic crisis on 2008, and after the crisis exposed for the monitoring of the amendments and changes. As a financial market development and regulation of more successful examples, it will be on the reform of financial supervision in China has a positive role in guiding of the three countries of the regulatory system and related legislation. In conclusion of the paper on China's financial regulatory system and the improvement of relevant legal system, from the summary of the five aspects:-Financial supervision model transition to the unified regulatory;-The establishment of a consumer protection Council financial regulation;-Expand the scope of lender of last resort development;-Establishment of deposit insurance;-Develop commercial insolvency law, in the introduction of a single entity insolvency law principles, recommend China's financial regulation and regulatory legal advice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regulation of Financial Institutions, Separate regulatory, Unified regulatory, Financial crisis, Consumer Finance
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