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The New Basel Capital Accord, Risk Supervision Of Commercial Banks

Posted on:2012-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the gradually deepened of financial globalization and liberalization, the bank's business scale gradually expends, and financial innovations unceasingly emerges. It increases the bank's risk, the supervisory authorities of all national's bank also realizes that they should improve the level of bank risk control, unify the standards for banking supervision, improve the bank supervision system. To reach this goal, Basel bank supervision committee modifies the terms of the Basel Accord continuously.The current global financial crisis triggered by the U.S subprime mortgage crisis in 2007, brought great negative impact to the world economy, also highlighted the defects of BaselⅡ. It also made Basel Banking Supervision Committee hold meetings to discuss it, and finally adopted the BaselⅢin September 12,2010. The BaselⅢwas formally approved and implemented at the G20 summit in November in the same year. In order to meet international standards, China Banking Regulatory Commission had put forward "The management method of Commercial Bank Capital Adequacy" and "The views of China's banks implement New Basel Accord" in February 2004 and February 2007.This thesis takes BaselⅡand BaselⅢas the research objects. By taking the induction, sum, comparative research methods, it analyzes historical evolution and legal character of Basel accord. Then it analyzes Basel accord's development process, current situation and the main shortcomings of China's commercial bank risk management and systems. Then it analyzes the impacts of BaselⅡandⅢon China's commercial bank risk supervision as well as challenges of BaselⅡandⅢencountered in China during implementation. Finally, it analyzes implementation situation of BaselⅡandⅢin the main developed and developing countries.By learning their experience in implementation of Basel, we can improve the level of China's commercial banks supervision, so as to make China's commercial banks be more resistant to various risks and improve their international competitiveness. The results of this thesis's research can guide the commercial banks to improve the ability of risk supervision and provide theoretical support to the research of Basel Accord.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Basel Capital Accord, Commercial Bank, Risk Supervision
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