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Environmental Crime Constitutes A Number Of Issues

Posted on:2011-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330338483051Subject:Criminal Law
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The environment question is the human society development inevitable product, moreover progresses unceasingly along with the economic development presents one kind of contrast gradually the tendency. In the mid-20th century, after fully enjoying the evil consequence which the environment question brought, various countries started to realize gradually to the environment question's importance, and started to seek the solution properly. Our country criminal law started to involve the environmental protection is the 1970s, although has made certain progress, but still had many problems,so this right constitutes a theory of environmental crime in our country is further discussed, especially for environmental crime exist Elements extensive analysis of controversial issues and put forward the views of the author personally.This article first part for the environmental crime outline, has analyzed the environment, the environmental crime concept, introduced the domestic and foreign scholar's viewpoint, and proposes author's opinion. This article second part does as a temporary measure for the environment for the environmental crime object, introduced the environmental crime object's domestic and foreign legislations and scholar's viewpoint, introduced emphatically the environment power question, does as a temporary measure the environment for the environmental crime object. Benwen third part Environmental Crime objective aspect Potential Damage Offence, paper through introduces environmental crime objective aspect general theory leads environmental crime establish Dangerous controversy and propose establish Dangerous ideas.This article fourth part for the environmental crime subjective aspect - strict responsibility question's discussion, the author is suitable the strict responsibility theory through the analysis overseas environmental crime in the vertical legal regulation as well as our country domestic scholars about this's argument, proposed that is suitable the strict responsibility theory in our country environmental crime the tentative plan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Environment, Environmental crime, Environmental Rights, The danger violates, Strict liability
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