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Network Tort Law Research

Posted on:2012-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Network infringement is a new form one .But because of the special connection with the internet, it has the special characteristic in main part of infringement, cognizing the wrong for tort , infringement responsibility and etc.The main part of the infringement include not only network user, but also network operations and service centers. Network has the character of travelling faster and scope border, so this kind of infringement is easier to cause unimaginable loss. Under this circumstance, we should take steps to prohibit it as soon as possible. The process of notification and deletion supply a way of immunity which is more timely and handier. In comparison with general infringement .Network infringement has more question which is to deal with.Compared with the fast developing network, the law of this is falling behind. Network infringement was first be included in tort law which is promulgated in July, 2010. yet because of the limitation, it is could not be clear. which cause more difficulty. so it is necessary to enhance to theoretical investigation and practice thinking.
Keywords/Search Tags:network infringement, cognizing the wrong for tort, fault liability, tort law
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