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Research On The Construction Mode And Development Trend Of Administrative Service Center In China

Posted on:2016-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N ShanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330461487282Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, the democratization process of our country developed faster. The consciousness of civil rights has already enhanced. In this background, peoples’ need of public service exposed gradually. From the above reasons, the government adjusts the public service pattern through reforming. In this reforming process, the administrative service centre generated. As a new service organization, it is the basis of the reform of government institutions. It provides new solutions for the government in public service. Therefore, the analysis for the instruction of the administrative service centre is benefit for us to inherit the previous theories; furthermore, we can conclude some good solutions which are suitable for the instruction of our administrative service centre.In this article, it illustrates the concept, the target, the theoretical principle of the administrative service centre, and the background of it. Also, it rely on the actual situation of the construction of the administrative service centre, analysis the effect of it. Moreover, the article shows some examples of the administrative service centre in our country, and finds some characteristics in different districts, then collect the information together to explore some useful aspects which is benefit for us. In this basis, the article use a positive attitude to explore the developing trend for the administrative service centre, put forward some suitable solutions for the future service centre. I hope it can make some contributions for the construction of the administrative service centre, not only in theory, but also in practical.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative service center, construction pattern, service-oriented government, development trend
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