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The Enlightenment Of New Public Service Theory On China 's Construction Of Service - Oriented Government

Posted on:2016-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q ShuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330461499903Subject:Public administration
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In the 80 th years of the last century, Western countries launched government reforms, These movements slowly spread to the other developed countries and developing the main theoretical ideas, The New Public Management Theory affected national government reform, And promote government reform movement continues to climb. Then when the new public management theory fanfare preached in the world, The emergence of new public service theory replaced the new public management theory.The new public service theory was developed in the new public management, it’s main points is to serve not to helm. This view of the construction of a service-oriented government has injected new vitality. The new public service theory though born near its theoretical system is not very mature, but it has shown a strong vitality.China is at the stage deepening administrative reform now, since there are many doubts about how to build an efficient, flexible, service-oriented government which to serve the people, are still need to be if we can inspire The New Public Service Theory on building a service-oriented government, will help deepen China’s administrative reform, promoting service-oriented government.This paper first proposed the new public service background theory, then review the new public service theory, points out the significance of its progress and shortcomings. Then describes the new Public Service Theory on building a service-oriented government of some inspiration.Then discusses the significance of the meaning of service-oriented government, features, and our service-oriented government building.Then analyzes the status of China’s building service-oriented government, pointing out its achievements and problems, and targeted analysis of the causes of problems. Then take an example of XX City building service-oriented government, and finally made a number of suggestions on building a service-oriented government.
Keywords/Search Tags:New public service, Revelation, Service-oriented government, Suggestion
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