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An Example Study On The Principle Of Proportion In Emergency Response

Posted on:2016-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In modern times, the Principle of Necessity is not useful as usual. It could not tackle complex matters perfectly. With the present of Principle of Maximum Protection, the complex Hostages Rescue could be solved, especially the Hostages Rescue in public social security incident disposition. The Principle of Maximum Protection is also one kind of Principle, the difference between Principle of Necessity and Principle of Maximum Protection is that the requirements of enforcement are reduced in order to meet the needs. When comparing with Principle of Necessity, the second difference is the Principle of commensuration between the infringements of enforcement. But according to the needs of practical experiment, the principle of necessity is not condensed. The principle of necessity of Principle of Maximum Protection is applied in specific situations. How to use the Principle of Necessity is important. The article first analysis the difference of Principle of Maximum Protection and Principle of Necessity, and then analysis the feasibility of Principle Maximum Protection. The last part of the article analysis some important complex doubts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Principle of Proportion, Principle of Maximum Protection, Principle of Necessity, Hostages Rescue
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