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Analysis On The Traffic Accident Responsibility Of Motor Vehicles With Non - Insured And Strong Insurance

Posted on:2015-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In practice, the related regulations of motor vehicle accident liability compulsory insurance is ambiguous which causes controversy such as WeiFeng Zhou case. The paper will analyze the trial results combined with the focus of the case and explore different motor vehicles owner’s liability for damage deeper when they don’t insure motor vehicle accident liability compulsory insurance.The paper embarks from the WeiFeng Zhou case and explore the allocation and bear of motor vehicle accident under separated control and own when uninsured motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance combined with the relevant laws and regulations.I will put forward views to supplement and perfect motor vehicle accident liability compulsory insurance system and standard the third party insurance system to build social assistance system that directs at current educational world widespread controversy and defects of motor vehicle accident liability compulsory insurance system.I hope this paper will play a part in perfecting inadequate of legislation and judicature’s current situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Motor vehicle accident liability compulsory insurance, traffic accident, Compulsory insurance Ordinance, The tort liability law, Social assistance
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