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Research On Cadre Selection And Appointment System

Posted on:2016-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330464456936Subject:Administrative Management
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The leading cadre selection and appointment is not only related to the construction of our cadres, but also determines the party’s ruling ability. The reform of the current system of cadre selection and appointment has become the focus of the reform of our cadre system. While the cadres selection and appointment system develops in the scientific and democratic direction, there are still some problems need to be solved. How to perfect the current system of cadre selection and appointment, solve the new problems are the focus of future work of the cadre selection and appointment.In January 2014, the Central Committee promulgated the new “Regulations on the selection and appointment of leading cadres”, the new regulations is based on the regulations in 2002, it revised according to the policies and guidelines proposed by the central government, and it tries to solve the new problems of the selection and appointment of cadres. This paper aimed to study the text of the new regulations, summarize the differences between the two regulations, try to find out whether the differences can solve the new problems or not, and find out China’s future trend of selection and appointment of cadres.Theory is the basis of the study. This paper tries to define the relevant concepts and summarizes the theory, then studies the current cadres selection and appointment system. This paper consults lots of literature and government’s policy, analyzes the background, try to understand current situation and existing problems. Then compare two regulations to discover new aspects of the selection and appointment of cadres. Any change has its reason. The new regulations are not only highlights the principle of Party managing cadres, but also stipulate the main body of normative cadre selection. It also solves some problems, for example, the standards should include the morals, and the content of examination should be comprehensive and scientific.The new regulations have solved some problems of the system of selecting cadres, but it is not perfect. There are some new problems of scientification and democratization. How to guarantee the democracy within the party and how to guarantee the real expression of public opinion also are the new problems that the new regulations will face.On the basis of the former study, this paper discusses the development of future cadre appointment system. First question is how to reflect the party’s will and people’s will. Second is how to put the “pursuit of the best plan” and “the pursuit of scientific consensus” together. Third is how to choose the mode according to the position. The last question is how to separate roles and titles.In conclusion, this paper is aimed to study the text of the 2014 “Regulations on the selection and appointment of leading cadres”, analyzes the characteristics and problems of China’s cadre appointment system, and then summarizes the trend of selection and appointment of cadres.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party and government leading cadres, selection and appointment, system dilemma, future trend
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