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Study On The Optimization Of Incentive Mechanism For Civil Servants At The Grass - Roots Level In The New

Posted on:2016-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At the national reform and development, China’s rural grass-roots civil servants is the superstructure and infrastructure "links", they are "receiver" of public information, at any time the interpretation of government policy. How to work performance of township grass-roots civil servants, is directly related to the image of the party and government, the dignity of the law and the justice of the society, related to the party and government "put one’s heart and soul into serving the people", affects the government’s administrative efficiency and service level. With the construction of "rule of law China, clean government" to speed up the pace, improve work efficiency and improve service efficiency is the priority among priorities in the work of the government, through the establishment of grass-roots civil servants incentive mechanism, stimulate the work enthusiasm, to meet their basic needs, it is very important to enhance the work efficiency, which will also affect the construction of grass roots civil servants team.The Qiongzhong County township grass-roots civil servants as the research object, trying to explore the effective way to motivate the township grass-roots civil servants, to establish and perfect the incentive mechanism of civil servant. First of all, this paper briefly introduces the different incentive theory and the domestic and foreign civil servants incentive mechanism, through the study of foreign developed country grass-roots civil servants incentive management, summarizes the research results and puts forward the incentive mechanism of civil servant, this paper mainly studies the problems and the steps; secondly, from Qiongzhong County grass-roots civil servants with the demand of research, found in Qiongzhong County level civil servants are multiple dominant needs, they need more extensively, motives of going into politics is stable, more emphasis on material, post promotion, competition and leadership and other factors, but because of the age, gender and education are different, the demand for content and incentives evaluation should be treated differently. Again, through analysis of current situation of Qiongzhong County grass-roots civil servants incentive, incentive, incentive measures that the old concept of single incentive problem. Finally, based on the related theories and combined with the existing literature, according to our country’s cultural background and characteristics of Qiongzhong County, and puts forward suggestions and measures to optimize the incentive mechanism of the county and township grass-roots civil servants.In this article, we study not only in Qiongzhong County township grass-roots civil servants incentive policies put forward the theory of instruction, but also learn from other cities and counties in the grass-roots civil servants incentive method, is of great significance to enhance the enthusiasm of the civil service township.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qiongzhong County, township grass-roots civil servants, requirement, incentive mechanism
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