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Investigation Report On The Protection Of Immigrant 's Right Of Existence In Dongsheng District Of Erdos City

Posted on:2016-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Rights to survival and develop are the primary human rights which need to be guaranteed in the economic and social development of China. The security objects of these two rights are people who’s social and economic conditions belong to the weak.Profit compensation of Landless peasants is one of the most serious and concentrated problems in the process of urbanization, and due to this contradiction focus, attentions to protect the interests of landless peasants has been paid. Ordos, a city which is developing so fast because of the exploiting of coal resources, now is facing the problem of benefit compensating of land-lost peasants in mining area too.The development of the coal resources led to heavy destruction and pollution to environment of the mine districts and surrounding area, what worse is surface subsidence and collapsing, all these problems made survival rights of mining area migration to be protect urgently.This article,based on the research about mining area migration work and compensation and resettlement measures of Dongsheng district of Erdos city, from housing power, working power and the other side, has summarized some existing problems in migration survival right protection in the mining area. Moreover analyzing reasons that causes these problems from respects such as the compensation standard, settlement measures, the cost of living, self survival ability. In order to solve these problems and to avoid it happens again in the future, combining with existing work, standing at the perspective of government responsibility,the third part of this article tried to put forward some suggestions to resolve these problems. All these work are in the hope of future protection of rights of the mine area immigrant people.
Keywords/Search Tags:mining migration, compensation and resettlement, Right to survival
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