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Study On The Countermeasures Of Promoting The Rural Governance Ability Of L Township In

Posted on:2016-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330482974272Subject:Public administration
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As a minority which has a population about 8 million, Yi ethnic presents an aspect "most live in mixed community, few live in pure community" in our country, scattered Yi ethnic has bigger ratio in Da Xiao Liangshan Yi area. As a grassroots regime, People’s Township Government contacts the masses directly, plays a basic role in the state administration. To research the Township Government’s behavior in rural social management in the scattered Yi ethnic area, meanwhile exploring the new behavior of the Township Government through the modernization of the state administration system and governing capacity, this will give a positive affect for advancing the modernization of governing capacity in the scattered Yi ethnic area.This article takes L town as the research sample, it analyses the historical development of the Township Government’s behavior in rural governance in the scattered Yi ethnic area, it divides that into three periods, they are Yi Autonomous oriented period, task-oriented period and major projects-oriented period, it insists on that the behavior mode of the government administration is influenced by factors like national macroscopic policy, level of local economic development and ethnic composition. Meanwhile it analyses the major projects-oriented mode, it deems that the major projects-oriented mode is positive to the rural social management in less developed, poor infrastructure area, but in the area where the economy has already reached a higher level, the resources exploitation has mostly finished, the foundation of social construction are more complete, the public culture has been promoted, the Major projects -oriented mode cannot run effectively governance in the scattered Yi ethnic area, instead, it will lead to redundant construction, far from reality, resource-wasting and corruption.Aim at the disadvantages of the major projects -oriented mode and the present social develop situation in L town, this article thinks that in the background when the country is advancing the modernization of government administration, the management participants diversified, means market-oriented, the mode of rural social management will certainly change.In order to fit the change, we can use demand-orientation as the behavior mode of the township government in rural social management; the mode is good for moving social organizations to participate in, transforming the governmental function, raising the government credibility. Combining with L town’s reality, this article also analyses the running mode, the advantages and disadvantages, the matters and needing attention of the demand-oriented mode. It also presents some rural management’s corresponding countermeasures for L town.This article thinks, as a scattered Yi ethnic area, L town can use demand-orientation as its rural management mode, which is accord with the local ethnic composition, the level of the economic development and the national macroscopic policy; that will also be beneficial to advancing the government function transformation and promoting the government efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Scattered Yi Ethnic Area, Rural Governance, Social management
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