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The Development, Problems And Countermeasures Of Administrative Service Centers In China From The Perspective Of Organizational Law

Posted on:2016-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330482981430Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Administrative Service Center is the spontaneous rise of new things under the administrative system. In promoting administration according to law, the transformation of government functions, improve efficiency and prevent corruption played a huge positive role. Our national governments at all levels work on exploringthe construction of the administrative service center in practice. In view of our legal system construction started late. But due to the construction of modern administrative law system in our country started late, especially lack of organization on the development of the legal system of administrative service center had a huge obstacle, such as generating a lot Functions of the Administrative Service Center inaccurate positioning, lack of a clear legal status and a series can not be ignored. According to the above negative factors, Administrative Service Center of Research and Development under the Organic Law of the perspective is particularly important and urgent.Thesis is divided into four parts to our administrative service center for researchand exploration,hopingtoprovide a comprehensive solution for the administrative service center. The first part of the paper focuses on the development process of Chinese Administrative Service Center, the background and current situation analysis of the rise. So that readers of our administrative service center to have a preliminary understanding. The second part is to study the problem and significance of Administrative Service Center exist from the perspective of the Constitution. Administrative Organization Law from sight on the organization Administrative Service Center of the legal system to promote their future put forward measures and proposals benign development. Third Sector paper on China’s current construction of the center and its system tissue types were analyzed and evaluated. The fourth part of the analysis of the legal organization of the administrative service center option. Comprehensive analysis of the first three chapters describes, from the perspective of the Organic Law on Administrative Service Center building appropriate legal regime is imminent. This article aims to study the development of our administrative service center, problems and solutions from the perspective of administrative organization law, aimed to make up the outstanding issues at all levels of the administrative service center development exists in practice, and as an opportunity to speed up administrative reform, the pace of construction of service government!...
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Service Center, transformation of government functions, Service Government, Organization Act
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