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A Study On The Administrative Problems Of Dongchuan District Government In Kunming

Posted on:2017-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330485450876Subject:Public management
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County government is located in the middle part of the administrative system of our country, in the first line of government work, is the most forward position to promote the administration according to law. Whether the county government can achieve the level of administration according to law and the administrative level directly determines the basic strategy to achieve the rule of law. In this paper, through the selection of Dongchuan Kunming district government research, analysis of the government in accordance with the law in the process of administrative problems, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.The thesis is divided into five parts: the first is the introduction, elaborated the administrative law research background, practical significance, and related research are reviewed; the second part is according to law administrative related basic theory; in the third part, combined with the actual work, through on-the-spot investigation, expounds the Dongchuan District government administration according to law the status; Fourth in the current environment, analyzes the main problems of administration according to law still exist, mainly includes the administration according to law are lack of initiative, legal institutions is not perfect, the assessment of administrative law is not perfect, the administrative law enforcement is not standardized; In the fifth part, aiming at the existing problems, from strengthen team construction and the improvement of according to law administrative assessment, standardized administrative law enforcement, strengthen supervision angles, the Dongchuan District government according to law administrative work put forward suggestions and countermeasures, in order to of the district government, promoting the rule of law in administrative work provide reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dongchuan district government, law-based administration, Rule of law
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