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A Study On The Mediation Mechanism Of Contradictory Disputes In Shanxi Province

Posted on:2017-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the accelerated development of China’s industrialization and urbanization, accompanied by the economic and social development, the social contradictions, the types of contradictions, and the resolves of these contradictions are also increasing. For a time, along with the high amount of the petitions and litigation are surging, the party committees and governments’gates are always being contaminated, in addition, disturbing the normal petitions and visits is quite common, which lead to rising number of non-normal petitioning activities at the key parts of Beijing Tienanmen, and Zhongnanhai. Quickly melting the contradiction and maintaining the social stability has become an important work of Party committees and governments. The conciliation mechanic is being more and more attendant as a way to peaceful resolve the conflicts, at atmosphere of the traditional way to solving people’s mediation, which can’t being meeting the demand of social development and dispute mediation, many cities is gong to exploring the establishment of a different mode of operation and mediation mechanism to solve the contradiction and dispute, in order to rapidly resolving conflicts in a short time.After the central government introduced a large mediation guidance, Shanxi Province Government explores its own mode of operation, the grand mediation mechanism in Shanxi based on integrating four types of resource, relying on tertiary contradiction mediation center organization operation. This mode is a union mechanism to resolve contradictions, what not only make full utilize of existing mediation resources, but also strengthen the co-operate with other departments. The thesis departs five chapters:the first chapter is describing the meaning and character of multilateral mediation mechanism connotation; the second chapter is comprehensively introducing the operation modes of the mediation mechanism in Shanxi Province; the third chapter is introducing the ways to solve contradictory of grand mediation mechanism in Shanxi Province, and actually explaining the implementation of social effect;the fourth chapter is careful analyzing the problems existed in grand mediation mechanism of Shanxi Province; the fifth chapter, aimed at the problems existing, to proposing related countermeasures to promote the mediation mechanism of Shanxi Province.From the final implementation effect of multilateral mediation mechanism in Shanxi Province, integrating all kinds of mediation resources, in this way, through the linkage between departments to work together to resolve the contradiction. Although it is easy to have a certain effect in a short period of time, there is a existence of the hidden dangers in the long run, in addition, it is a country to the idea of governing the country according to law. Therefore, it is necessary to update the concept, it is required to abandon great mediation thinking, simultaneously strengthening the awareness of the diversification of the dispute settlement, meanwhile promoting the ways to resolved conflicts and disputes through mediation, litigation, arbitration, administrative reconsideration, administrative rulings and other ways, moreover establishing the diversified dispute contradictions resolving mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multilateral mediation, Social contradictions, People’s mediation, Mufti resolution mechanism of contradiction and dispute
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