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A Study On The Legal Problems Of Information Disclosure Of Stock Ownership

Posted on:2017-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Equity-based crowd funding is a new form of financing intermediary which is created under Internet financial boom. It can quickly implement financing butt joint on both sides to improve the financing efficiency and reduce the cost of financing. Compared with other countries. although the development speed of our country’s equity-based crowd funding is rapid, relevant legal research and legal regulation has been in a state of absence. Equity-based crowd funding which lacks of legal regulation is faced with tremendous legal risk, which is unfavorable to protect the rights of investors. Supervision of equity-based crowd funding is involved in all aspects. This article is just to research from information disclosure requirement.This article is divided into five parts to research the information disclosure requirement of equity-based crowd funding:The first part is introduction to explain the research background, research status at home and abroad, research methods.The second part is to introduce the basic issues and scope of equity-based crowd funding. Introduction of dispute between Beijing fit network technology co.. LTD and Beijing Naomi catering management co.. LTD will confirm the core of the paper is to raise public information disclosure system and confirm equity-based crowd funding is a pattern that middle and small-sized enterprises makes use of the platform of equity-based crowd funding to microfinance openly.The third part discusses the realistic demand of the information disclosure requirement of equity-based crowd funding. Equity-based crowd funding market has different social levels and has serious information asymmetry currently. The traditional "caveat emptor" principle should be re-examined. Therefore, the information disclosure system should be established.The fourth part focuses on the information disclosure requirement of equity-based crowd funding in the United States and Britain. In April 2012. the United States passes Jump start Our Business Start ups Act which means it accepts equity-based crowd funding from the legislation and makes the relatively complete rules of equity-based crowd funding. Subsequently, on March 6.2014. the United Kingdom publishes The FCA’s regulatory approach to crowd funding over the internet and the promotion of non-readily realistic securities by other media.PS14/4 which systematically cards the various risks faced by investors This has the reference significance for the establishment of our country’s the information disclosure requirement of equity-based crowd funding.The fifth part analyses the future direction of building our country’s the information disclosure requirement of equity-based crowd funding in detail. It will build from the aspect of disclosure subject、principle, main duty, prohibitive regulation and relief procedures, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:equity-based crowd funding, financing model, information disclosure requirement, legal supervision
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