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Research On The Innovation Of Government 's Public Service In Web2.0

Posted on:2017-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330488957925Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development and advancement of the society, we have entered the age of the Internet. Specifically, we are in the Web2.0 era. That is an informative, fast, interactive, high autonomy, decentralized age. There are lots of myriad changes in our social life. Naturally, the government’s public service was deeply influenced. And it has been facing many new challenges. For example, the powerful social organizations shake the government’s dominant position and compress the action space in the public service sector; the citizens’ increasing discourse and political rights gradually constitute the external pressure on government’s public services; the growing popularity of virtual government challenges the government and professional skills of civil servants, and so on. To response to the call of the Web2.0 era and to deal with challenges, it is imperative to innovate government’s public services.Firstly, the paper describes the status of the government’s public service before the Web2.0 era. Before the Web2.0 era, our governments perform public service functions mainly relying on its entities or web portals.In the specific historical stage, they do play a positive role, but their deficiencies and epigenetic problems are increasingly exposed. To some extent, they help us to learn some experiences of the government’s public service and give us innovative inspiration in public services.Secondly, to have a clear understanding of impacts on the government’s public service brought by the Web2.0 era, the paper analyzes itself characteristics and challenges of the public service. The Web2.0 era presents no-center, autonomy, no-border and other characteristics. The modern world is open, interactive and free. It also coincides with the public value in a new era. The government’s public service also faces multifaceted challenges. In short, the public services should become responsive, co-operative, human-oriented and efficient.Finally, the paper proposes goals of the public service innovation in the Web2.0 era based on the historical and realistic analysis. The public service is a human-oriented service and a cooperative service. It is supported by the Web2.0 technology and breakthrough the bureaucracy. Specifically, we need many kinds of approaches to achieve the goals of the public service innovation, such as an enlightenment of the ethical spirit, the building of the common goal, civil rights, transparency of information and government’s reasonable role. Maybe, it requires a lengthy process to achieve goals of the public service innovation in the Web2.0 era, but we have reasons to believe that its future is optimistic. We can see the broad space for its development from the circumstances, its own advantages and the practical prototypes.
Keywords/Search Tags:Web2.0, Public Service, Innovation of Governments’ Public Service
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