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A Study On The Legal System Of Social Security In The Integration Of Urban And Rural Areas

Posted on:2017-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330503486207Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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China has experienced a fast economy development era since the reform and open-up,after more than thirty years of efforts, China’s economy has leapt to the second of the world.Former system has shown difficulties in adapting to the complex social relations in world nowadays. For a long time, social security systems of our country differs in development between the urban and rural area, such unfairness results in unbalanced development making our country like "lame giant", and restricts the sustainable development of our economy and society, as well as affecting the process of building a well-off society comprehensively.Consequently, it becomes a major subject for our research that how to correctly understand the current situation of our social security development and to find a coordinate development plan for both urban and rural area.The first part of the article states the concept of social security and reviews the development history of the social security in our country, from which we can learn the historical background of the dual social security and legal system, thereby to find a foothold for us to understand the current issues in social security in a scientific and objective way.The second part of the article discusses the social security and legal system in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since these countries and regions have same social structure and are at same economic development level with Chinese Mainland, but with relatively high level in social security legal system development, from comparision, we are able to absorb their quintessence and thus upgrade and improve our systems..The third part of the article states the benefits of setting up social legal security in urban and rural area.Through the research and analysis of the elements of social security, the fourth part of the article expounds the difficulties of policy convergence, funding sources and legal aspectsfor improving the integration of social security in urban and rural area. Due to the special situation, our social security faces difficulties and contradictories, its related social connection is complicated, thus we need to treat it cautiously.The fifth part of the article comes up with a way to integrate two social security systems.First we discuss the basic principles of social security legislation. Next we analyzes the way to realize the integration of urban and rural areas in the aspects of pension, health care,minimum subsistence guarantee and etc. Last we discuss the supporting the implementations.
Keywords/Search Tags:social security, legal system, urban-rural integration
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