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An Analysis Of The Economic Strategy In America 's Asia - Pacific Rebalancing

Posted on:2017-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330503976170Subject:International relations
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President Obama had put forward the Re-balance strategy, which means that the Unite States put more forces to the Asia-Pacific region since he took office. The strategy aim to make the economic recovery first because the financial crisis hit the American economy badly. Besides, the president wanted to rebuilt the US leadership in the Asia-Pacific region where the hegemonic state had been facing the challenge from China. The article is to analyze the Obama Administration’s economic strategy in the Re-balance to the Asia-Pacific region.Firstly the paper explains the the concept of Re-balance,especially in the economic aspect in the part one. What the paper want to state is the background, implementation and impact of the economic strategy. The US economic declined in the financial crisis in 2008 while the Asia-Pacific region became the world’s most economically dynamic region. And China enhanced its influence with its development quickly. In this context, the president Obama vigorously strengthened economic partnership with ASEAN, Japan and South Korea to rebuilt its leadership. Besides,the Obama Administration promoted the TPP agreement negotiation which would play a key role in the international trade in the Asia-Pacific region. With the economic strategy implementation, the US economy has recovered and the unemployment rate has declined. What’s more important, president Obama has enhanced its leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. But the completion between China and America will last in a long time.
Keywords/Search Tags:Re-balance, Economy, TPP, Asian-Pacific region
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