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Risk Investment Project Risk Analysis Method

Posted on:2002-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Risk investment is a new type of investment which supports industry of new and high technology.Risk investment projects are distinguished from others for their feathers of 揾igh technology, high risk, high potentiality and high gains?In order to make scientific and rational decisions, it is important and necessary to discuss risk analysis toward risk investment projects.Facing the drawbacks of traditional risk analysis methods,this paper introduce many new ones coming from different subject fields and apply them to risk investment analysis.There are five chapters in the thesis ,the main content as follows:The first chapter is about recognizing the risk factors.first I describe them, and then address the risk investment projects uniting model, at last raise the bidimentional space analysis metheds.The second chapter establish risk assessing index system. Basing on the recognition of risk factors ,I use MLP method to compute the weight of indices.The title of the third chapter is 揺conomic risk analysis of risk investment projects? In this part ,I show economic risk assessing procedure on two levels,net cash flow level and risk factor level,introduce entropy idea and M-C method respectively.For the feature of having phases ,in the forth part of the essay, the paper exploits the projects operating option character and give the bidimentional evaluating model and asset union model.The last part present the relation of lasting time and the system risk of projects and give the concept of time risk In the part I addresses the happiness of risk factors within the projects.,resolve the problem of time risk assessing.
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