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The International Development Trend Of World Economy And China's Strategic Choice

Posted on:2002-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360032454970Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Economic illternationalization is a most striking trend of the worldeconomy. It is also a trend of all coufltries in the world opening themselves tothe outside world. NoW the trend of economic internationalization is more thanwhat is seemed of that day. Economic internationa1ization has been growingmore quickly and developing more widely since l990. No more phenomenonhas been much noticed than economic iaternationalization. It is so ca1led aleading role in world economy. TOday, most countries and areas joined theeconomic integrated organization, which made the trend global. Facing thistrend, what steps shou1d China take in opening to the outside world? Howshould China take as much as possible considerations in foreign trade.investment and finance? It is urgent that we should chose the best strategy tocope with the challenge of economic internationalization. This thesis willdiscuss the re1aied questions of economic internationalization in our countryand put forward countermeasures.There are four parts in this thesis.The first part of the thesis introduces the connotation of economicinternationalization, its development and its new characteristics. The partmainly analyses the relationship among economic internationalization \economic integration and economic globalization. In the opinion of the aLLthor,internationalizaiion. integration and globalization are all special scientificconcepts of world economy. They all have their respective characteristics. Theyproduce a strong force and promote the development of the world economytogether.The second part of the thesis analyses the trends of economicinternationalization. The author mainIy focuses on the analysis of the trends andthe effects of economic internationalization. The international trades get moreand more free. Service trade and technoIogy trade are rising. As high and flew3technologies are widely used in production, and international corPorations growstrongeY, worldwide competition become tenser and tenser in the process ofworldwide economy internationalization. In this case, for developing,worldwide exchanging among nations are become frequent. Competition andexchanges among enterPrises promote the progress of technologies and thedevelopment of management objectively.The third pait of the thesis dissects the contributions and problems ofeconomic internationalization in our country. The author mainly discusses thecontributions of economic internationalization, especially in foreign trade.investment and financial internationalization. NoW the scale and amouflt of theforeign investments expanded very fast. Great changes have take in the form ofthe forcign invcstment. Instcad of the fOreign loans, thc foreign directinvestments have been the main form of the absorbing foreign caPital of China.Besides, this part also ana1yses various problems of economicinternationalization in our country. With the development of economicinternationalization, our country's economy has developed very quickly, whichreduces the distance between China and developed countries. About this, thepart gives reasonab1e analysis.In the last part, the author proposes some advice on how to solve theproblems of economic internationalization in China. The allthor suggests Chinashould settle seven problems in order to adaPt to world economicinternationalization. It is the core of the thesis.
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