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Earnings Management Empirical Research

Posted on:2003-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062950437Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The securities market is the important part of the national economy. To exert the resouce-allocation function of securities marcket, not only have an important function in promoting thequality of listed company and protecting investor's interests, but there are inestimablepositives to the whole national economy.However, because of the information asymmetry, in the securities market of our country,There are enormous hidden risks on the information disclosure of the listed company. Seenfrom the ealier QiongMinYuan to the later YinGuangXia, we found there are large amounts ofdefects in the information disclosure of the listed company, which will be found in the annualfinancial report too." 10% phenomena"," 0 interval phenomena" and" 6% phenomena" havealready formed a line of unique scenery of China's securities market. Though the departmentof securities supervision forbid the behaviors of earnings management repeatedly,But producelittle effect.At such an environments, we hope to disclose the phenomena of earnings management inChina's securities market,by means of positive study. This text divides into five partsaltogether:The first part. It originally explains the motive and meaning of the study .At the same time, itgive an explicit definition about what is earnings management and what kind of characteristicsthere is.The second part. The internal and external environment to the listed company has been made aconcrete analysis of at first. Including the current situation of Corporate Governance xSecurities Governance and the system of outsides information announcing in listed companyThen on the basis of this, we have described the concrete motive of the behaviors of earningsmanagement. At last, we study the economics origin of such a behavior took place.The third part. It introduced the common approachs of earnings management in the listedcompany through the theory analysis together with the case analysis.The fourth part. We adopt the positive study approach, having analysised the phenomenon ofearnings management in the China's listed company. This text regards listed companies of1998-2000 years of Shanghai as the research object. Having observed the earning per share(EPS) and return on net assets (ROE) of listed company .We examined the continuity of theindex of the earning during these 3 years at the same time, We find that there are thephenomenon of earnings management generally in the listed company of our country. Afterwards, we choose the listed company which is drawn the non-standard auditing opinions by CPA in 2000, as the studying sample, and the listed company which is drawn the standard auditing opinions, as the controlling sample. Through linear return and Logistic return analyse, we verify that there are the phenomenon of earnings management in China's listed company, on the other hand, we have found the general accounting meanings of earnings management. We also verified that the certified accountant's auditing suggestion can discern the behavior of earnings management in the listed company to a certain extent. At last, through the approach of the case analyse, we studied the market response to the behaviors of earnings management, which find market can make a correct response to such a behavior. The last part. On foundations of analyzing in several parts preceding, the article puts forward a series of one's own suggestions .
Keywords/Search Tags:Earnings management, Listed company, Positive study, Supervision
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