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E-commerce Environment, Supply Chain Management Restructuring Study

Posted on:2002-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X S ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062975352Subject:Business Administration
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The EC (Electronic Commerce) is forcing the enterprises to become more and more competitive. Under this circumstance, the SCM (Supply Chain Management), which is involved in some departments such as Purchase, Manufacturing, Sales, Transportation and Information, has received more and more attention due to its contribution to lower the total cost and thus improve the profit of the enterprises. To gain the competitive advantage and adapt to the new economic circumstance, the enterprises have to set up new SCM or re-engineer the old one. This dissertation will focus on the research of the SCM re-engineering under the EC Circumstance.The following is the characteristic of this dissertation.1. The "Perfect Manufacturing " and "New Pattern Coordination" design policy of the SCM under EC circumstance. "Perfect Manufacturing" means that the production line should be extended to the end consumer. The production and the Logistics must be arranged according to the demand of the end consumer. "New Pattern Coordination" means that the production line should also be extended from the opposite direction to the laboratory. When designing the new product, the engineers should take the functions of it and total cost of the supply chain into consideration.2. The performance evaluation and promotion mechanism for the SCM. Different from the performance evaluation and promotion mechanism concerned in the management theory, which are most on the individual, under the EC circumstance these methods in the SCM focus on the enterprises. They have great difference within both the contents and the methods.3. The training of the supervisors is the key factor to guarantee the successful implementation of the re-engineering of the SCM under EC circumstance. In this dissertation I have done some useful research on the training contents, training methods and some training problems.4. The concept of the SCM is dynamic and comparatively stable definition. After the set-up or re-engineering of the SCM, the SCM must be keepingimproved under the EC circumstance, due to the safety problems inhered within the EC, the uncertain factors inhered within the SCM and the outside and inside menace to the partnership between the supplier and customer. In this dissertation, the uncertain factors within the SCM are listed, and some helpful solutions are also provided to deal with the outside and inside menace to the SCM.5. Based on my working experience, the actual application of the Coordinated Inventory Management and Just In Time Procurement in my company Is presented.This dissertation is divided into 5 chapters. The main contents are as following. In Chapter 1, I discuss different definitions from different point of view for the Electronic Commerce. The development of EC, the essence of the EC, and the safety problems of EC are also provided. At the same time, I also come to the definition and content of SCM and compactly review the development of SCM. In Chapter 2, It is emphasized that the SCM is one of the most important parts of the EC. Under the EC circumstance, there conies some new characteristic of the SCM. The new competitive emphasis and the great advantage gained from the re-engineering of the SCM are the main reasons for the enterprise to re-engineer the SCM.In Chapter 3,1 first provide some SCM design policies and principles under EC circumstance, such as "perfect manufacturing " and "new pattern Coordination". Then I come to the Information technology of SCM, the production planning and controlling of SCM, the inventory management of SCM, the procurement and logistics management of SCM, and the performance evaluation and promotion mechanism of SCM.In Chapter 4,1 first introduce the principles and steps of SCM implementation, and then the training contents, methods and training problems of the supervisors. After introducing uncertain factors of the SCM and the outside and inside menace to SCM, some useful solutions are provided to keep improving the SCM.
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