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China's Clothing Enterprises Virtual Business Research

Posted on:2003-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062985191Subject:Clothing Engineering
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Following the China's entering WTO, the environment of running our apparel enterprises will change greatlv in the several years. Faced to the intense competition from the global market, the apparel enterprises of our country are exposed to even severer challenges. Beginning with the analyses of the macroscopic environment, the article indicated that in order to survive the challenges from the global market our apparel enterprises must be able to respond to the changes from the market quickly. For this purpose, what the enterprises had to do first is replacing the traditional management models by the modern ones. And one of these modern models is enterprise's virtual operation.Firstly, the article introduced the conception, character and type of the virtual enterprises. To deepen the comprehension for the virtual enterprise conception, it compared the conception of the virtual enterprises with that of corporate strategic alliance, business networks and conglomerate. In addition, it expounded the conditions and steps of establishing the virtual enterprises. And it concluded that our apparel enterprises have had the competence to establishing the virtual enterprises.Then, the article introduced two models of virtual running enterprises which are adaptable to the apparel enterprises of our nation. And it also paid attention to the superiority and inferior position of the enterprise's virtual running by analyzing what l had saw and heard during I was on probation in TIANJIN LIHAO APPAREL TRADING CO.In addition, it discussed about the evaluation indexes about the effect of the virtual running of enterprises. Then it me to the conclusion that though the virtual running of enterprises having advantages and disadvantages, the former overwhelmed the latter. With the accumulation of experiences and lessons, the theory of virtual running of enterprises would be perfect day by day. Facing the tidewater of global economic, the apparel enterprises that done well in virtual operation was the winners.
Keywords/Search Tags:the model of virtual running, virtual enterprises, strategic alliance, cooperate&compete, textile and apparel industry
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