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Disclosure Of Accounting Information Quality: Securities Regulation, Mandatory Disclosure And Legal Remedies

Posted on:2003-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After our country became a member of WTO, negotiable securities market and the capital market are coming into bloom. At the same time, it brings more supervisory pressure to bear on the quality of stock companies' accounting information disclosure . it is becoming a research focal point that how to effect a permanent cure while bringing about a temporary solution.The core of the thesis is to find and answer the relation between the quality of stock firms' accounting information disclosure and Chinese negotiable securities market supervised, and what kind of system of information disclosure should be founded. In order to answer the question, the author made an on-the-spot investigation on the theory foundation of the system of the negotiable securities supervised in the west; and expounds the rationalization of the rule of mandatory information disclosed, and give the explanation about the legal system of information disclosed with markets effective theory.The reality of Chinese negotiable securities market maybe provide allotted time's reasonable foundation for substantive examining rule. However it can not be explained to be reasonable that the negotiable securities management our-interfere the market, including the second market. What the investor s rely heavily on negotiable securities managers' service makes the normal theory of information disclosed to be underrated and misunderstood.The exposure and handled result of the cases: macat co.,ltd and huafang co.,ltd stock are worth thinking in three ways:First, when is it effective that substantive examination given by negotiable securities managers should the meaning of the effectualness be restricted?Second, how should we establish the system of information disclosed that adapt present china and approaching china?Third, should the firms have the qualifications joining the stock market that the firms haven't stated the real conditions, and how should we provide relief to the investors that's been wronged, and how should we consider the responsibility of civil compensation when negotiable securities managers punish the violator.The thesis analyses the basic factor of stock firm's accounting information disclosed in the economics tenet fields on accounting information disclosed and supervised. The thesis proves that reforming supervision system and the system of information disclosed are the keys if it can be improved that the quality of stock firms' accounting information disclosed.On the basis of above, the thesis makes a preliminary exploration on the reformation of Chinese present supervision system, the reformation of the rule of information disclosed and the reformation of bearing law-relieve.
Keywords/Search Tags:accounting information, quality of disclose, economic, security supervise, compulsive disclosure, law relieve
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