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Anshan City, Banking Credit Risk Management Study

Posted on:2002-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360065955580Subject:Business Administration
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Because of the key position of commercial banks in modern economy, banking crisis will not only lead to bankruptcy of a large number of commercial banks and direct harm to many depositor, profit, but also cause stagnation or drawing back of the whole economy. It even will induce total economic crisis. Asian Financial Crisis broke out in 1997 is the most harmful world wide crisis after 1980s. Although China hasn't broken out secious financial crisis, it doesn't mean China doesn't exist financial risks, including bank risks. The high ratio of bad credits, low capital sufficient rate and low financial benefit are beginning to affect the safe operation of banks. Especially, the hight ratio of bad credits is the origin of lots of risks. If this potential risk can't be relieved essentially, it will cause real risks while encountered external factors. Thus how to prevent and get rid of commercial banks operation risks become discussion point.Anshan is an old industrial base. Because of the existing of many state-owned enterprises, the banking risks is very serious. Especially the ratio of bad credits is two percent higher than the average of Liaoning Province. Anshan is a typical city of China enterprises reform and banks reform. To study banking risks management of Aushan city may have a realistic result for finding a way to protect and get rid of credit risks.This essay comes from practice and goes to practice. It mainly has three characteristics. First, totality of research. It is the first essay that study Anshan banks (including commercial banks and stock banks) credit risks management. Second, it is operatable. This essay analyses present credit risks of banks in Anshan depending on theory and practice. It also makes a systematic introduction of the distinguishing evaluation and managing methods. Third, its development character. This essay bases on Anshais reality. Its real purpose is to study our country's banking risks' management and prevention. And a positive result will realized in our bank reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:bank, bankruptcy, prevent and relieve, Anshan credit risks management representative, theory and practice, totality, operatable, development character
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