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Risk Control Strategies In The Venture Capital Research

Posted on:2004-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Venture Capital (VC) has given great impact to the economics of U.S.A and the world since it's founding after the Second World War. The achievement of risk investment of U.S.A. is marked, Israel, Taiwan, Irish etc. equally achieves distinguishedly. Just under such a background, regarding "the first motion "of Cheng Siwei of 1998 as the opportunity, China begins to pay close attention to VC and upsurge has risen gradually. However, the VC of China is mostly blind and unordered behind enormous enthusiasm. Therefore, it's necessary for us to investigate and study comprehensively the venture that exists in VC and their control strategy, in order to take advantage of innovative model of investing which has been proved by those advanced nations such as U.S.A. etc. to serve the rapid development of our nation's economy in the early period of the new era.This text analyses the meaning, operating mechanism, main investment risk and risk-control general theory of Venture Capital, and approaches the strategies and methods that the institution of VC and venture enterprise control the risk in the course of venture investment separately according to different stages of VC from the subject and object of VC different angles. From the viewpoint of the VC institution, discusses the corresponding tactics of venture control and select model according to the each different stages in the course of VC separately from the stage of choosing the involvement mode to venture enterprises, to the stage of assessment to concrete venture enterprises, to the stage of constructing the relation with venture enterprises, to the stage of supervision after venture capital is poured into, and to the stage of VC withdrawing finally. And from the viewpoint of venture enterprise, the venture control question is mainly how to evade the potential "withdrawing risk" of itself and the "moral risk" from VC investors. The evading methods are two: one is to protect the entrepreneurs' interests by the contracts, and the other is to fully use external strength and advanced network tool.
Keywords/Search Tags:Venture capital, Venture capital institution, Venture enterprise, Venture control, Strategy
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