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Baling Petrochemical Company's Supply Chain Management Research

Posted on:2003-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360092970251Subject:Business Administration
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Studying the cooperation between the supplier and the manufacturer,the dealer and the distributor,the commercial supply chain of internet age is a new kind of demand chain with the consumer as its center. Because the quickness and convenience of internet and have shortened the distance between the internet and the end-user,it's important to combine the timely feedback from the market the production to increase the market and to individualize the production so that the value of supply chain will be raised greatly.Among the domestic traditional enterprises,the supply chain management of manufacturer,petrol and chemical industry and retail is in the leading place. Since May,2000,Baling Petrol & Chemical Cooperation has developed the petrol & chemical E-commercial system(lst project),including the petrol and chemical material purchasing and selling system which have been put into application. On Aug.l5,2000,This system has adjusted the supply chain management.The paper give a brief introduction aiming to show a background and the significance of this topic studying and discusses the definition of integrate supply chain management,its application and its purchasing and selling reformation. In this chapter the author takes the success of Kreisler cooperation as an example to illustrate the profit brought about by the electronic supply chain management. The author deals with the abroad application of E-commerce in the petrol and chemical enterprise, then probes into the composition interior and exterior supply chain in Baling Petrol & Chemical Co. as well as the purchasing and selling process on the line.The profit resulted from the supply management in Baling Petrol & Chemical Co. and its existing value of supply chain have also been analysed in this chapter. At the end of paper,The author points out some solutions to the problem of supply chain management in Baling Petrol & Chemical Co. and gives some suggestions for the ERP project which is going to be carried ou...
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