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Rural Households Of Agricultural Land Transfer Behavior Research

Posted on:2003-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Q WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092970797Subject:Agricultural economic management
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Rural Land Contractual Law of People's Republic of China passed on August 29th 2002 by the 29th Session of National People's Congress,prescribed that operational rights acquired through contraction can be transferred with the way of sub-contraction,lease,exchange,attornment and so on. In November 2002,National People's Congress declared the Announce about Doing Well -with Usufruct of Lands Contracted with Peasant Households,which pointed out that transfer of usufruct of contracted lands should take the basis of long-term steady family contractual and operational system,and the behavior of transfer be guided under the principles of legitimacy,willingness and compensation. At present,the transfer of usufruct of plow lands has already become an important subject for the rural lands system reform. Under such backgrounds,two cities of Fenghua and Haining in Zhejing Province have been chosen for study in the paper. Through economics analysis of the behavior of lands transfer in peasant households,the factors influencing lands transfer have been studied and then some suggestions on policy and system innovations have been made. The thesis is comprised of the following six parts.In the first part the paper has introduced the background of the thesis;demonstrated relative theories home and abroad about land system,land transfer and behavior of peasant household,and also indicated the basic methods of research.In the second part the paper has studied the general situation and problems of lands transfer both in the whole country and in Zhejiang Province,described the land transfer behavior of peasant households,and made conclusions as follow. Behavior of land transfer is highly connected with economic development. Government should play a guiding and service role based on wills of peasants. Peasant households obey economic rationalization as rule while transferring lands,and take it as an incentive to improve the efficiency of plow lands.In third part the author has adopted Logistic Model to analyze how the characteristic variables of rural inhabitants in city of Fenghua influence land transfer. Then based on the investigation of will,the way and scale of land transfer have been analyzed,and finally the influences that the behavior of land transfer made on land system have been studied.In the fourth part an empirical research about behavior of land transfer of peasant household in Haining has been made and its possible impacts on land system have been further examined.In the fifth part the land transfer behaviors between Fenghua and Haining have been comparatively analyzed,and some results have been concluded as followings. The regional tradition is one of the main factors that determine the way and speed of land transfer in different areas. Governments need to consider the wills of peasants land transfer. It is the best opportunity to advance the rural land transfer when people experience the transition from the stage of dress warmly and ear fill to better off. Planting some popular produces of high quality with high price can not only increase the comparative benefits of agriculture industry,but also promote the process of the land transfer. Good and steady rural land system settings make a great difference in land transfer.According to the analyses above,in the sixth part the mechanism of land transfer corresponding with economic behavior of peasant household has been put forward,and then some suggestions on innovations and arrangements of policy have been made:to create favorable and steady environment of land system;to coordinate the relation between the market mechanism and the political mechanism in order to optimize collocation of land resources;to motivate demand and supply of lands for transfer so as to promote land transfer.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peasant household, Land transfer, Fenghua, Haining
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