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Cause Of The Problem Of High-tech Park, The Flow Of Talent

Posted on:2004-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360092987775Subject:Industrial Economics
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Since the eighties of the 20th century, a whiff of upsurge of setting up the High-tech park was raised in the whole world. Since Our country set up the first national-level new and high techology park梈hong Guan-cun in 1988, we have 53 national-level high-tech gardens altogether so far. These parks have made the enormous achievement at home, and have played an extremely important role in strategy of revitalizing the nation through science and education, industry upgrading and economic development of our country. But compared with some other advanced gardens, there is very great disparity. For the further sound development of the park of our country, we need the theoretical direction.This paper starts with on a side of the development mechanism of garden of our country, studying the question of floating of professionals of the garden.For the development of park, the manpower capital is a key element in the primary importance, and the focal point lies in giving play to the potentiality of the manpower capital. It is essential how to build an open atmosphere that flows for the garden. So the research of this text has important practice meaning and certain theory meaning.This paper has seven parts in all. Its main content is: Through comparing Zhong Guan-cun with Hsinchu in two forming mechanism, manpower capital, garden achievement and floating of professionals system of garden,we draw the unreasonable current situation of floating of professionals of garden of our country. Launch the reason discussion on the question of floating of professionals of the park, proceeding from system reason and life cycle of the park for the reason. Finally to this question, we put forward relevant policy and suggestion.This paper combines the theory and real example and analyses , drawing the following conclusions: At the present stage, the floating of professionals is insufficient inside the new and high technology park of our country. We set out from the life cycle in the park of our country 桰nitial stage of developing stage, founding : there is its rationality existing in the deficiency of floating of professionals inside the garden. And our country' s existing system obstacle, factors such as social security system, rigid household register system and personnel system and human resources pool etc., have suppressed the floating of professionals inside the garden further .
Keywords/Search Tags:New and High technology park, Floating of professionals, the Special purpose of assets, Life cycle
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