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Different Pluralism

Posted on:2004-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095957330Subject:Political Theory
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Multiculturalism, as a critique of mainstream political philosophy and social science, emerged around the 1970s. Its proponents are ethnocultural minorities in multicultural states. Although they are too disparate to share a common philosophical and political agenda, they are all united in resisting the mainstream society's assimilation. They argue that contemporary societies are characterized by cultural pluralism and demand mainstream society to recognize their cultural identity and accommodate their cultural differences. They demand different citizenship, their aim is not to separate from mainstream society but rather to participate in the mainstream society and look forward to realizing equality, dialogue and cooperation among all different cultures.Multiculturalists claim that public policy affects members of different cultural groups differently, and hence that political philosophy needs to rethink its assumption of unitary citizenship. Its central insights are four: (1) Wants mainstream society to recognize their cultural identity and difference. (2) Criticizes and resistant to the monocultural assimilation and cultural imperialism. (3) Demands mainstream society to endow them different citizenship. (4) Stresses equality, dialogue and cooperation among all different cultures.Multiculturalism has theoretic and practical significance. As a measure, it plays an important role in dealing with the issues among nations within a multicultural state and promoting international relationships in the world. But, it faces up severely criticism since 1990s.The study of multiculturalism tells us that national issues are an important problem, which resolves improperly will result in disastrous consequences. So we should take this problem seriously. We should try our best to mobilize ethhoncultural minority and form a harmony and united society with plurality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multiculturalism, Ethnocultural minority, Cultural identity, Difference citizenship, Dialogue and cooperation
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