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The Market Economic Order, Legal Regulation

Posted on:2004-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122475849Subject:National Economics
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In the developing history of China's modern legal system in this century, the achievements of last twenty years were really very obvious. A deep economic and legal revolution had occurred in china, whose direct target is to establish socialism market economy, and after denying the planned legal system that reflects the planned economy, to establish socialism market legal system. However, since the start of our economic construction is a little late, and the traditional legal system is derived from planned economic system, therefore, the current situation is still in the process of transition from planned, half-planned to market economic legislation, and from planned economic legal system to new market economic system. Such kind of historic period of transition economy determined a great deal appropriate economic laws for market economy as well as the emergency for it. On the other hand it recommended the present legal construction was not perfect. According to the current situation, no matter seen from the angle of legislation, legal system or law workers there are some obvious problems existing in the market legal system construction.With a high degree reform of china in 21 century, the opening-up was amplified and the internationalization was enhanced more, so how to deal with these problems and construct the suitable legal system to the highly developing Chinese market appeared to be very urgent and necessary. In aim of these problems, the article firstly starts from the current situation of market economy legal system construction, and based on the theory of necessary interference economic relationship, it discusses the construction of economic laws, macro-regulation laws and market regulation laws, and also points out definition of the government's economic function as well as the totally new opinions of judicial reform.There are seven parts in the article. The first one is about the current situation and developing trend of market legal system construction; the second part is aboutthe convincible models for the legal regulation of market economy-necessary interference economic relationship; the third part is about introspection and reconstructing of economic laws; the forth part is about the analysis of macro-regulation rights and the construction of macro-regulation method; the fifth part is on the definition of market regulation and the construction of market regulation laws; the sixth part is about the enlightenment to china by the discussion of government's economic functions; the seventh part is about the necessity and trend of judicial reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Market economy, Legal system construction, Economic laws, Judicial reform
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