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Risk Investment Analysis, Application In China

Posted on:2004-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Venture capital connects investment with finance, which holds out the development of technology, the adjust of industry structure and the rapid development of economics. Though many scholars have discussed venture capital deeply, there are remain lots of issues in practice, such as the role of the government in the venture capital. There are many successful cases in the domain of venture capital, such as Microsoft, Apple company. Why not accomplish such company in our country? I analyze the status of our country's venture capital and find out the problems existed and give the method to settle such problems. I hope this article can give you some advice in practice.It consists of three sections and the main contents are as follows:The first section introduces the fundamental issues of venture capital. It shows the concepts, conditions of venture capital.In the second section, the development of venture capital in the foreign country is introduced. First of all, it shows the development of venture capital in American and in Japan. Subsequently, it analyzes the experience of venture capital in the two countries.The third section studies the problems in our country and how to settle them. It aims at the primary four problems and gives the correspond settlements.Due to the limitations of conditions, time and my knowledge, the study on the venture capital only covers the problems existed in practice and does not go deep into the theoretical research. In addition, practical application of venture capital in China is not contained in this article, which should be focused on in the future study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Venture Capital Organization, Venture Enterprise, Venture Capitalist
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