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Discussion, To Strengthen Intellectual Property Protection In China's Foreign Trade After Wto Entry

Posted on:2005-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A H PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122480686Subject:International trade
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1.Writing purpose:From the middle 20th century, GATT and the subsequent WTO advocate and formulate the new international trade system after the world war, pushing the process of the globalization-economy greatly. The new international trade system results in the internationalization of the intellectual property system. At the same time, protection of intellectual property system goes out to the international market from the traditional domestic intellectual property protection realm. The international tendency of the intellectual property is not isolated. It has merged into the circumstance of international economy and trade. So we must understand it by putting it into the international economy and trade system. China has become the member of WTO. We must commit to the pertinent treaty when participating into the foreign trade and international competition.On the other hand, implementing intellectual property strategy and tactic is an inevitable choice for reacting the new international competition model. With the development of the integration of global economy, intellectual property right is the enterprise's key wealth and sharp weapons in market competition in the times of knowledge economy. In a globalization market, the competitive advantages of an enterprise, to some extent, are decided by the quantity of autonomous intellectual property right, such as patent, trademark and so on. Many enterprises with strategic insight have looked it as an important way in maintaining international competitive advantages in the high-tech field. After entering into the WTO, our enterprises will compete with enterprises from the developed countries at the same scratch line. However, most of the domestic firms of China are indifferent to such issue, unable to adopt themselves into the market competition after China's accession of WTO and therefore badly in need of improving their understanding of the importance of intellectual property right. The strategy and tactic of China on research and utilization of intellectual property have not even been on the schedule. Besides, great discrepancy exists between Chinese law and WTO's (), soever the legislation, justice and the enforcement. 2.Thesis frame: Based on this fact, I choose the topic of intellectual property protection in our foreign trade. This paper concludes four chapters. The first chapter is about the intellectual property and the . It mainly states the characters of the intellectual property, the main contents of , and the much important one: the relationship between intellectual property and international trade. In this chapter, the intellectual property right is related to the international trade, which constitutes the basis of this paper. The second chapter is very important because it deeply explicates the significance of strengthening intellectual property right protection by using the economic method, including international trade theory. None but profoundly understanding this part, we'll intensify our awareness of intellectual property protection, not only at home, but also abroad. In the next chapter I choose America, Japan and Korea as the representatives. After analyzing their successful dealings in protecting their intellectual property both in and outside their countries we can sum up many experiences and lessons for reference. And the last chapter is about our country's actualities in international protection of intellectual property, based on which I make some suggestions for the protection of intellectual property when participating into the foreign trade.3.Innovation: At present, many experts and scholars have studied this issue. But in my opinion, there's still a deficiency, which helps to organize my paper. That is they research this problem mainly using the way of law while ignoring an important fact: law, as itself a means of protection, can not be used to interpret the reason why we need rein...
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