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Zhangjiakou City, Land Resources, Sustainable Use Of Evaluation Research

Posted on:2005-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122494416Subject:Human Geography
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Sustainable development is the theme of social development of human beings at present. As the source of production and existence, sustainable utilization of land resources is closely linked with subsistence and development of human beings. Sustainable utilization and management of land resource has become the common goal of the whole human beings.Sustainable utilization evaluation of land resource is the core issue of sustainable land utilization research. It's goal is to evaluate. By scientific and objective evaluation, it analyzes natural, economic and social attributes of land utilization of region, and weighs sustainable degree, and then determines the state and problems of present land utilization system and the anticipative influence of present land utilization measures on land use/land cover, and provides the base for improving land utilization planning and mode and for realizing sustainable utilization of land resources.This paper selects Zhangjiakou as study area. This area lies in fragile belt in ecology and environment, and is the backward area of Hebei Province in economy, and also the windward and upper water region of Beijing and Tianjin. In recent years, because of the stress of social and economic development and lasting increase of land requirements, the local ecological environment and social and economic sustainable development have been influenced seriously. How to improve the level of land sustainable utilization under the prerequisite of environment is not destroyed and even improved, has become the important issue of land management department and relevant scholars who must pay close attention to.This paper analyzes the factors which influence the land sustainable utilization level on the basis of analyzing the present utilization of land resources, constructs valuation index system on the five major principles, that is, productivity, protection, stability, viability, and acceptability to evaluate the sustainable utilization level of land resource in Zhangjiakou by the combination of dynamic and comparison evaluation methods. It evaluates the land utilization state of Zhangjiakou in 1990 and 2000, and compares the land utilization state of Zhangjiakou and Hebei province, and analyzes the reasons of land utilization change, puts forward the suggestions on the land sustainable utilization management.There are two innovations in this paper. The first is evaluation of the sustainable utilization state of land resources in Zhangjiakou using dynamic and regionalcomparison evaluation methods for the first time. Secondly, the indicator threshold which accords with the study area's fact has been systemically put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhangjiakou, land resource sustainable utilization, indicator threshold, dynamic evaluation, comparison evaluation
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