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Risk Control. Construction Bank Online Banking

Posted on:2004-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122496990Subject:Business Administration
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Comparing with the European and American developed countries, our country's online banking is at the beginning of the whole process. The financial circles of our country don't fully understand the online banking and lack of systematic study of risks of the online banking, and don't master the function of these installations and systems which are introduced from foreign countries. The construction of information environment of our country is comparatively behind, and the auxiliary strategy and technological standard guarantee system are far from perfect.This paper first talks about the online banking of CCB(China Construction Bank),then analyzes the environment risk and technology risk and system risk, at last puts forward the strategies of the online banking's risk control of CCB.The risk control of online banking of CCB includes: (i)establish the technological team who can manage and prevent the risks of online banking and set up organization which can adapt changeable requirements of the clients and changeable technology of the online banking and the market variation and keep the online banking running well, (ii)improve the physical environment and strengthen operating security and establish the system of killing virus, (iii)develop own encrypt and decode technology, adopt inbreak check technology, develop the brainpower card and establish the center of digital authentication, (iv)establish the emergency center and strengthen application software management.
Keywords/Search Tags:online banking, environment risk, technology risk, system risk
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