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Third-party Logistics Enterprises Profitable Way To Select The Study

Posted on:2004-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122970689Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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With the market competition getting violent recent years, both industrial and commercial enterprises put more and more emphasis on the cost reduction and customer service quality improvement. Under this background, occurs the "Third Party Logistics" as the phenomenon of logistics specialization. According to the statistics data, the total expense of Chinese TPL market in 2001 reached 1,900 billion PMB, which reveals the large potential of this market. Unfortunately, most of Chinese TPL suppliers can only provide foundational services with very simple profit model, such as transportation and distribution. After Chinese entrance to the WTO, domestic logistics market will be gradually opened to the outside within 2 years and our TPL suppliers will have to confront the severe challenges from multinational companies soon. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new profit model and provide higher-level logistics service. However, up to now, researchers of home and abroad have only brought forward a few profit models respectively, rather than an integrated system. Furthermore, there is still not many research made on the influential factors of the profit model. Considering the actual situation of our country, this dissertation strives to make a systematic and in-depth research on this problem.In the beginning of the dissertation, we generalized the existent profit models of TPL enterprises. Using the Resource-Based Theory and Core Competency Theory for reference, we also drew out 22 factors that have impacts on the enterprises profit model selection and set up an interacting theory model. Then, we analyzed their correlation by using SPSS and educed four regression equations, which can help enterprises to choose the appropriate profit model. Besides, this dissertation also made research on the difference of profit model selection among different types and scale of TPL enterprises and found out the intrinsic relations, which discovered the current situation of the profit model development in Chinese TPL market. All the research in this dissertation was based on the data of questionnaire investigation. To make the result more operable, we asked many logistics scholars and practitioners for advises from the beginning. In order to insure the veracity of data, we undertook several proper control measures during the whole investigation process.The innovational points of this dissertation are as follows. Firstly, we systematically summarized four feasible profit avenues of the current TPL enterprises, and pointed out the general development path of these profit models. Secondly, we made a structural classification on the influential factors, and put forward the required conditions for implementing each profit model through statistic analysis. Thirdly, we analyzed the impacts on the profit model selection respectively from different enterprise type, scale and their interaction, which showed the current situations and rules of TPL enterprises profit model selection in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Third Party Logistics, Profit Model, Selection, Influential factor, Interacting model
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