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An Empirical Study On China's Listed Company Earnings Impact

Posted on:2004-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The influencing factors of price-earnings ratio of the listed company are studied in this dissertation. The theories dealing with the function of price-earnings ratio are reviewed in the first part of dissertation, to fully demonstrate the importance of price-earnings in security investment. In the second part, the reference papers about the influencing factors of price-earnings ratio at home and abroad are summarized and evaluated .At the basis of previous studies, this dissertation adds and revises many factors affecting price-earnings ratio, then empirically studies the relationship between influencing factors and price-earnings ratio by various statistical methods. In the last part , three effective forecasting models of price-earnings ratio are established with many crucial influencing factors . The reliability of these models is above ninety percent, so the investors can utilize these models to forecast each stock's rational price-earnings ratio, then to reasoningly appraise the value of shares.
Keywords/Search Tags:listed company, price-earnings ratio, investment analysis, forecasting value
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