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The New Basel Accord On China's Banking Industry And Measures

Posted on:2004-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The new Basel capital accord is the result of the development and competition of the international bank, which is about supervising the commercial banks' capital. The Basel accord (edition 1988) is the first one to norm the capital of banking and draw up the unite rule for the competition in all over the world banking. With the finance innovation and risk management deepened, The Basel accord need updating as well. From 1999, Basel committee on banking supervision has announced the new accord draft three times aiming for the new accord, and will confirm the ultimate accord at the end of this year. Compared with the old one, the new accord is more scientific, detailed and reasonable. It consists of three parts, this is to say the lowest capital requirement, supervision and inspection, market discipline, which relate and restrict each other.The publication of the new accord indicates that the supervision on international banking capital is developing and promoting now, and at the same time commercial banks must manage the capital more and more seriously, continuing to enhance the capability of risk management. To implement the new accord will have different influence on international banking. As one of international liquidation countries, China must adjust some bank item according to the structure of the new accord. Therefore, the new accord will not only bring us a good many new ideas and measures, but also bring our developing banking lots of eager reforming missions because of the disadvantages of our banking system. This is the key point of the thesis.The first part is to introduce the old Basel capital accord, on the basis of which educe the basic structure of the new accord- the lowest capital requirement, supervision and inspection, market discipline. To compare with the difference between the old one and the new one educes the topic of the thesis. In the second part, it analyzes that implementing the new accord will have a series of influences on our commercial banks from five aspects, such as influences on sufficiency of bankcapital, on risk management, on information exposure, on supervision of bank and on revenue of bank. To help our banking to solve the impact of the new accord in the limited time, the third part brings forward some suggestion and countermeasures according to the above influences, such as to improve the rate of capital sufficiency, to enhance the level of risk control and management, to strengthen information exposure, to consummate supervision on commercial bank, and to add the revenue of bank. In the last part, it generates the whole article, and demonstrates that commercial bank should fit for the hew accord as soon as possible, and satisfy the requirement of the new accord in capital, management, bylaw, supervision and market restriction, so that we can make a good preparation for carrying out the new accord, and survive the competition with the foreign banks after entering into WTO.
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