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Urbanization Of China's Western Region Development

Posted on:2005-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122980608Subject:Regional Economics
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Urbanization refers to in a country or a region, in the course of modernization of society and economy. It is people's career-changing and migration from rural to urban, a conversion of industrial structure and its space arrangement, a conversion of life styles and values of people. These factors, thus, make more and more rural population get rid of the constraint of the self-sufficient agriculture to realize the modernization in the mode of production, in life style and even in the mode of thinking. It is a historical course naturally in which a backward rural society is turned into a modern and advanced urban society. The understanding to urbanization can be divided into several levels: urbanization is a transition of the relationship between urban and rural; urbanization is a course that develops dynamically; The core of the urbanization is the non-agriculturialization of the surplus rural labor force. As one part of the world's and China's urbanization, western China's urbanization has some characteristics similar with the formers. There is some difference, meanwhile. As everyone knows, the urbanization level of China is far below the average level of the world, and the western China has the lowest urbanization rate in China. Various troubles caused by too low urbanization rate hinder the sustainable development of western China and even Chinese society and economy already. Through the investigation of the basic theories of urbanization and the comparison among them, it summarizes some international experience in the urbanization evolution. Considering the conditions of western China, it probes into the causes which restricts urbanization development, and to the reason, and puts forward measures to develop urbanization in western China.1. main content and views of the thesis: Through the comparison among the world, China and western China, this article has summarized some international experience of urbanization development, and combined with the practical problems existing in western China. These has probed into the reasons which restricts the urbanization development of western China. It has explored the urbanization development measures of western China, further. The main contents of every chapters are as follows:Chapter one: The definition of the urban and urbanization, the explanation about the theory of urbanization. From the standpoint of urban economics, through the investigation to comparative advantage, economics of scale and agglomeration economics, it announces the economical origins and motivation promoting the urbanization. Urbanization is a dynamic course in the economical space structure. The rural population's shifting from agriculture to industry, from rural to urban is the demands for economical development of the developing countries to improve "dual-layer structure" that divides urban and rural apart, and to realize the urban-rural integration. Both the economic courses and the social courses of urbanization are all in one certain system frame. The system can promote and safeguard the urbanization in an orderly manner when the system is in conformity with the development of the urbanization, the opposite is also true. The new-type industrialization that industrialization and informationization combine together is the only way to realize the sustainable urbanization development in western China.Chapter two: As a part of the world's and China's urbanization, western China's urbanization has some similar characteristics with the formers on one hand. There are also difference among them on the other hand. By the comparison of the urbanization among the world , China and western China, according to the basic theories of the urbanization, it summarizes some experiences of international urbanization, and draws out the enlightenment of western China's urbanization development with under actual conditions. Chapter three: Western China has experienced not only the same system changes with the whole country but also the different policy- arrangement from the whole country...
Keywords/Search Tags:urbanization, wester China, dual-layer structure, institution innovation, urban-rural integration
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